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Q. What is Preferred Podiatry Group (PPG)?

A. A Professional Corporation owned and operated by podiatrists to render foot care to residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. See Who We Serve.


Q. Where is the company located.

A. PPG headquarters are in Northbrook, IL. Get more information on our Contact page.


Q. What days of the week do you provide services?

A. Every day of the week, 365 days a year.


Q. How long has PPG been in business?

A. Since 1972.


Q. How many doctors do you have?

A. There are over 50 podiatrists in our group.


Q. Where is the service provided?

A. In the comfort of the nursing home or other long-term care facility. We currently serve Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin. For more information see our Contact page.


Q. Are you involved with any health care associations?

Yes.  We are active members and on many committees.  See our links page for our list of associations.


Q. Can you provide references?

A. Yes, from Administrators, Directors of Nursing, and Corporate Offices.


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Provider Q & A

Q. Are your podiatrists Medicare Participating providers?

A. Yes, our doctors take assignment from all carriers.


Q. Are your doctors from the local area?

A. Some are local and others travel to your area. However we are always as close as a phone call.


Q. Will the same doctor treat our patients on a regular basis?

A. Yes, the same provider will normally take care of your residents to provide continuity of care. We also have additional providers in our group for emergency care if your primary podiatrist is unavailable.


Q. We used to have a podiatrist who became unreliable. How do we know that you will be better?

A. Preferred Podiatry Group has an excellent reputation in the long-term care industry for consistent, high quality care. We have a large group of dedicated podiatrists who provide help wherever it is needed. We schedule our visits in advance and keep our appointments.


Q. Are your podiatrists insured?

A. Yes, every member of our professional staff has liability insurance.


Q. How do you maintain high quality care?

A. We have two Medical Directors and a staff who audit and monitor the doctors’ quality assurance. All of our podiatrists undergo peer reviews and are required to take continuous education programs.


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Facility Q & A

Q. Do your doctors need to have the patients brought to them?

A. Our professional staff of podiatrists can go from room to room or they can receive patients in a clinical room. The choice is yours.


Q. Does the facility have to provide assistance?

A. If your residents are seen in a clinical room then we need someone to bring them there. Otherwise, if we are going from room to room we do not need any special assistance.


Q. Does the facility have to provide medical supplies for your doctors?

A. No, our podiatrists bring their own instruments, dressings and medications for foot care.


Q. I am an administrator for a group of facilities. Can you provide services to all the homes in my group?

A. Yes.


Q. I am the Supervisor for a group of homes for the Developmentally Disabled. Can you come to a central location at a convenient time for our residents?

A. Yes.

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Programs & Services

Q. My facility has a sub-acute wing with many diabetic patients. They have special foot care needs. Are you qualified?

A. Yes. Our professional staff is certified in this and many other areas of podiatric care and will be able to care for your patients.


Q. Some of our diabetic patients need special shoes. Can you help with this?

A. Our podiatrists are trained by pedorthists to measure and fit orthopedic inlay shoes for the diabetic residents who qualify.


Q. Some of our patients have decubitus or diabetic ulcers on their feet. Do you debride wounds?

A. Yes. We are highly qualified to do sharp resection/debridement of ulcers at bedside. This saves the cost of transporting your patient to a hospital and maintains continuity of care.


Q. Do you provide education for our nursing staff?

A. Yes, we provide free in-service education programs to our facilities, as part of our comprehensive program.


Q. What is the PPG Managed Foot Care Plan?

A. This is our comprehensive program of services to all of our facilities.

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Financial Q & A

Q. Who pays for the podiatry services?

A. Insurance companies, Medicaid, Medicare and private funds.


Q. Are we responsible if the insurance agency does not pay you?

A. No, the facility is never responsible for unpaid claims.


Q. Is the nursing home billed for anything? What are the financial responsibilities of the facility?

A. The facility does not pay for anything, unless pre-arranged.


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Scheduling Q & A


Q. How often do you schedule visits?

A. Individual patients are usually seen every 10 weeks. However they may be seen more often, if necessary, for acute care (example: infections).


Q. How often can our residents be seen by a Podiatrist?

A. As often as is medically necessary.


Q. What happens if an acute situation arises between scheduled visits?

A. Please contact PPG and we will assign our nearest podiatrist to follow-up immediately with the facility and the patient.


Q. What is the response time to emergency situations?

A. The response is immediate. We always have a doctor on call.


Q. Who do we call for last minute schedule changes?

A. Please contact our Scheduling Coordinator for your state at the PPG office.